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Physician Aesthetic Services

Modern Dermatology offers comprehensive, cosmetic dermatologic procedures. We specialize in injectables and laser and light procedures, focusing on a natural and improved aesthetic result. The following procedures are performed by our board-certified dermatologists ONLY. We know you are busy and hate downtime but want the best results possible. We allow same day treatment with multiple modalities to improve the end results whenever possible.

  • Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau & Daxxify)

    The most common and loved aesthetic procedure for the treatment and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. Daxxify is the newest neuromodulator and lasts 5-6 months!

  • Dermal Fillers

    To naturally lift and combat the normal volume loss of aging.


  • Sculptra

    For natural, long-lasting volume replacement from your own collagen production.

  • Kybella for Fat Destruction

    FDA approved injection to treat fullness under the chin.

  • Laser Treatments

    Tailored skin treatments to improve red, brown, wrinkles, laxity and texture.

    Icon Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with MaxG & MaxY.
    For red blood vessels and brown spots on the face, neck, chest and arms. 48 hours + of face downtime and sun avoidance.

    Icon Fractionated Resurfacing, 1540 and 1917 nm, XF & XD.
    Nonablative resurfacing laser for texture, wrinkles, scars, acne scars. 4 days + of face downtime and sun avoidance.

    SmartXide DOT CO2 laser, 10600 nm.
    Ablative resurfacing laser that is ideal for the treatment of sun damage, brown spots, wrinkles, texture, eyelid laxity and acne scars. This is a powerful laser: expect at least one week of face recovery and downtime with sun avoidance.

    Ellacor System with Micro-Coring™ with Dr Rogers.
    Removes unwanted skin without surgery or thermal energy to treat moderate and severe wrinkles and laxity in the mid and lower face.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for thinning hair and skin

    Platelets, which are a component of blood, contain valuable growth factors that can strengthen and grow hair follicles and thicken aging skin. Requires consultation with Dr. Roman for hair thinning.

  • Sclerotherapy with Dr. Collyer

    Reduction in blue + purple spider veins (not varicose veins), tailored with Asclera for sclerotherapy and Nd:Yag 1064 laser. Requires consultation with Dr. Collyer.

  • PRO-NOX Nitrous Oxide Sedation System

    We understand that some of our procedures can hurt and cause anxiety. We offer nitrous oxide gas during our physician-performed services, including lasering and surgery. With a quick onset, it wears off quickly, allowing you to drive to and from your appointment yourself!

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