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Are Makeup Wipes Causing Your Breakouts? We Asked the Pros

With so many makeup-removal options on the shelves of drugstores and beauty stores everywhere, it’s almost impossible to know which method is the most effective. Do you choose to go liquid cleanser, wipes, cleansing oil, or just plain water? Do you use a different cleanser for your eyes than you do for your skin, or can you use the same product for your entire face? It’s difficult to tell what actually gets all of your makeup off and leaves your face feeling clean (but not too dry!), so it’s easy to default to the most convenient and stress-free option: makeup wipes.I’ll be entirely honest: I never really got into using makeup wipes. My skin has always had a bad reaction to them, so I’ve opted to use gentler options that are more suited to sensitive skininstead. However, plenty of my makeup-loving friends — as well as some beauty experts whom I deeply admire and respect — use makeup wipes on a regular basis, so I figure makeup wipes must be doing some good. My main question remains: Do they really work? And if they do, are they good for your skin? I decided to have a few skincare experts chime in with their opinions — here’s what they had to say.
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