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A Simply Brilliant Lip Balm

How to Spend it

by Rima Suqi

When I hiked Kilimanjaro years ago, my lips got sunburnt despite my wearing lip balm. After I came down, I basically peeled a layer or two of very chapped skin off my lips. Earlier this year, I had a similar problem, albeit at sea level in New York City. I still don’t know what the issue was, but I do know that I tried a variety of remedies and none worked – except Dr Rogers Restore balm ($30 for 140g), given to me by a friend who heard of my dilemma and swore this salve had changed her life.

The balm was created Dr Heather Rogers, a Stanford and Columbia University-educated dermatologist now based in Seattle, who says, “After a decade of searching for a post-procedure ointment I felt confident recommending to my patients.” While it feels a bit like a petroleum jelly, there is no petroleum in it – and it is also free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, lanolin and fragrance. The active ingredient is pharmaceutical-grade vegetable glycerin – proven to promote healing, and hydrate and moisturise the skin – which is combined with inactive ingredients such castor oil and castor wax, which reduce irritation. And it has myriad uses – some apply it to surgical wounds, small cuts or scrapes, eczema and, according to a testimonial on Dr Rogers’ website, to heal new tattoos.

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