Richard Grabowski, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist
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Dr. Richard Grabowski is a board-certified dermatologist originally from Spokane, Washington. He attended the University of Washington as an Undergraduate but spent time in the Northeast for medical school, residency, and two years of private practice before returning to Washington State in 2004. He has been serving the dermatologic needs of Seattle ever since. With the closure of Northwest Skin  specialists, Dr. Grabowski has become the newest member of Modern Dermatology.

His passion revolves around diagnosing and treating skin cancers and takes pride in educating patients about what to look for regarding cancerous and precancerous skin changes. He wants to form a partnership with patients to catch and treat these changes as early as possible.

After nearly sixteen years on First Hill in Seattle, Dr. Grabowski has really enjoyed treating a diverse patient population. He is here to take care of people in a compassionate, nonjudgmental fashion regardless of race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. When not at work, Dr. Grabowski enjoys spending time with his friends and family and he has two wheaten terriers that keep him entertained. He is passionate about fitness, music and outdoor activities like snowboarding and wakeboarding.